Wesleyan Night at the Rangers Ballpark!


Friday, August 16, at 7:05 p.m.
"Fireworks Friday"


Come join us in the air-conditioned All You Can Eat Porch*
Tickets are $48, which includes buffet and beverages**
Seats are located in Sections 246-252

To reserve your spot:
Contact the Office of Alumni Relations at
817-531-6548 or dwood@txwes.edu
OR complete this form and return via
 fax: 817-531-7560 or email: dwood@txwes.edu


Limited tickets are available so book your spot today!

 Kids Prices:
free admission for children under 36" tall / those taller will be charged $48

As stated above, seats are located in sections 246-252 in the stadium, but there are plenty
of seats inside the All You Can Eat Porch, which will have the game on the monitors
and will be available for our use the entire game.

*Please note: the location has changed from the past 2 years.

**Buffet Includes:
hot dogs, grilled chicken sandwiches, nachos,
peanuts, popcorn and soft drinks
to be served through the 7th inning

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