Did somebody say Challenge? You bet we did.

For "Smaller. Smarter." to work, it takes all of us, so we're asking you to give a gift to kick off the Wesleyan Fund. For every new or increased gift, Jack Morton has pledged a 1-to-1 matching gift. There's never been a better time to give.

How does the matching work?

Take the Morton Challenge and alumnus Jack Morton will make a 1-to-1 match for all new or increased gifts.


Don’t just give — know what you’re supporting

Your gift to the Wesleyan Fund works in three really big ways:

  • Funds scholarships – Scholarships are based on academic merit and assist students with financial need.

  • Strengthens programs – Wesleyan Fund gifts go to strengthen academic programming, which increases the value of a Texas Wesleyan degree.

  • Increases participation – Major foundations review alumni participation before giving. High participation is good. Very good.
make your gift

Go ahead, tell a friend (or all of them)

We're asking you to take it a step beyond just a gift. We're asking you to tell a friend. Our community is tight-knit, and everyone's participation makes a difference. Whether you call, text or tag them on social media, get in touch with a friend and ask them to make a gift, too.

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